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6 port portable charger by Portronics

October 20, 2016 / Innovation /


Now a days it is very inconvenient situation when we realize our two or more device is drained at a time and we don’t have enough chargers to boost up them. But here is a solution with this article of 6 port portable charger by Portronics.
Whether you are at home/office or flying around the world, the Portronics UFO Home Portable Charger is the perfect solution to charge your gadgets and devices conveniently from a single standard AC outlet. The Portronics UFO Home Portable Charger is an amazing stride towards giving you a single platform to charge up to six devices simultaneously and that too with a single cable connect to any standard AC output. This charging port allows you to charge Tablets, Smartphone, Bluetooth headset, Mp3 player, Portable Speakers and all other 5V devices at the same time. The UFO Home Charger provides charging at a great speed since it supports maximum 8A of total output.


Some of the most advanced and amazing feature of this devices are.
UFO Home Portable Charger has 6 Ports 8A Charging Station.
This Portable Charger can charges up to six 5V devices simultaneously.
This 6 port portable charger gives you the conveniently manages your multitude of gadgets and their cables and connectors.
This device has sleek design and made up with industry grade materials and premium circuitry that ensure superior performance and reliability. There are LED on each port indicates that the port is functional.
This portable charger comes with power plug pins which is compatible with Indian sockets. And it is compatible with all Apple and Android phone/tablets and other 5V devices like Bluetooth headsets, Power banks etc.
This Portable Charger is light and easy to pack and pocket as our wallets.

If you are interested in this innovative product, then you can directly purchase or view using this button.









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