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Amazon India Gets cheating experience from Engineering Graduate of Bangluru

May 12, 2017 / ecommerce /


Reading of Newspaper in early morning with a sip of Hot coffee or tea gives you a glimplse of activities in your universe. Nothing can be black out from media which is breaking and interesting. I was also reading a leading news paper ‘Times of India’ this morning and saw a news in business segment that The Big Ecommerce giant cheated by an engineering graduate, with loophole in their policy. Deepanwita Ghosh is the person and Amazon India is the e-commerce website. 


Interesting !!! 


Today everyone is crazy about the hot offers and sales in ecommerce portals. costly brands are also easily available online in crazy deals and offers to book on the way to your home. It you finds purchased product is not as per your expectation, you can easily return product to the same day to ecommerce marketplace, also you will get refund within 24 hours of you amount.


This is the process which this lady acquire and played with this. She manages a fake account to another e commerce portal to sell products, simultaneously she placed order to Amazon for the same product. Once she received that product from Amazon, she also placed a return request for the same. Now she send that product to the customer which placed order to the fake account and received money. When Amazon initiate return request she used to send duplicate products to Amazon. This was the process which helps her to cheat with a big amount. 


Traditionally there are lots of persons which are stepping back to use ecommerce facility, even they are not using their netbanking wallets, banks, cards etc. This is the reason!! Forgery is so common now a days so that lots of person using traditional way to shop. 


This is just an example to the online limelight, Websites making easy and accessible rules so their customer won’t go to the other website. But what is happening with Amazon is a first matter itself like this. 


If we are looking only the lightning part of ecommerce then we also should realize that there are disadvantages also, Sellers registered on these kind of portals are very clever to make customer fools. We heard many a times that customer gets bricks instead of Smartphones or laptops.


While shopping online users should also know that status and ratings of the selles registered on the ecommerce marketplace. There may be Branded product which you glimpse in pics and product descriptions. But what you actually get is not clear. So Be alert while purchasing online. Also research offline for the branded product which you need, This way you will get a idea which one is cheaper in actual The online Or the The Offline.


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