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Amazon India Gets cheating experience from Engineering Graduate of Bangluru
May 12, 2017 / ecommerce /

Reading of Newspaper in early morning with a sip of Hot coffee or tea gives you a glimplse of activities in your universe. Nothing can be black out from media which is breaking and interesting. I was also reading a leading news paper ‘Times of India’ this morning and saw a news in business segment […]

Noida’s top Luxury destination to chill out with friends and family in weekends, List of top mall in noida
May 11, 2017 / Offline /

“New Okhla industrial Development Authority”, Popularly known as NOIDA is now the popular city of India, Noida is the richest city of UtterPradesh with luxury and modern facilities like list of Malls in noida, Noida Metro, Amusement Parks, Real estate townships and many more. Among Delhi-NCR Noida is the best option to hang out with […]

Google Pixel : A Android Smartphone by Google itself
November 10, 2016 / Innovation /

Google launched some of the keynotes in smartphone in recent years, Having android as their operating system as it is owned by Google itself is a big deal to launch something extra in a smartphone which make Google smartphone out of the box in Smartphone forest. Now Google set a smarter pole by launching the […]

Nextbit Ribon : extraordinary design with extraordinary features
November 6, 2016 / ecommerce, Innovation /

Everyday we are getting news of launching of new phone of different companies on Android OS, Some are brilliant and amazing. Recently launched Nextbit Robin is a unique smartphone with awesome specifications. The Smartphone Nextbit Robin is filled with brilliant colour contrasts of screen, Good UI, Slight Change from custom UI, Best Design, Light weight, […]

Amazon Prime Membership : Enjoy unlimited FREE fast delivery and more all year long
November 6, 2016 / ecommerce /

In this festival season, top ecommerce players are trying very hard to attract customers to their service. Amazon the monster in global ecommerce origin has made its strong presence in India. is growing very fast and digging into the market share from Flipkart. Flipkart is the first billion dollar company in ecommerce market of […]

Kingston MobileLite wireless Pro storage and power flows
November 5, 2016 / Innovation /

What are the two things that a smartphone user can’t do without? More storage and a way to keep the power flowing. Kingston has found a way to combine the two with this new product. It it looks like a cross between a power bank and hard drive. It is heavy (194 grams) because it […]

Ultra Slim Seagate Backup Plus with free cloud storage
November 5, 2016 / ecommerce, Innovation /

Our dependency on data is increasing day by day, we need lots of storage space to keep our memories alive. Thanks to our thirst for more data, external hard drives have become a necessity for most of us. Most high-capacity, portable hard drives are heavy-this is why the 1 terabyte backup plus Ultra Slim drive […]

Colourful smart lights for your homes by Syska LED
November 4, 2016 / Innovation /

Everyone among us likes colours with some differentiation, some like pink, some like blue and so on. Colours affect your mood. Which means you might be able to alter your mood by changing the colures you see. In Diwali nights we decorate our homes with colourful lights which make us happier. But in our homes […]

Kent Magic car air purifier launched recently to prevent car germs and pollutants
November 2, 2016 / ecommerce, Innovation /

If you are spending few hours in your car on a daily basis, then probably you are inside a closed cabin, you are exposed to a lot of pollutants and germs which may be inside the car. As there are no such mechanism available inside to rectify germs. This is why different brands are now […]

Media Streaming Devices
October 21, 2016 / Innovation /

We a bit squeezing our world to the digital smartphones, a smartphones are very essential media gadgets which help us out to perform our daily works. Even though we watch movies and videos online on our smartphones, our favourite programs and news all stream on the phone. But there is one big issue is a […]

6 port portable charger by Portronics
October 20, 2016 / Innovation /

Now a days it is very inconvenient situation when we realize our two or more device is drained at a time and we don’t have enough chargers to boost up them. But here is a solution with this article of 6 port portable charger by Portronics. Whether you are at home/office or flying around the […]

Avent Comfort Manual breast Pump By Philips
October 18, 2016 / Innovation /

Philips, the tagline with “Innovation and you” always comes up with true innovation. Here we introduce you with a device which is useful thing. Name of the product is Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump. As the name it is a manual breast pump which is useful for new born babies as well as new moms. […]

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