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Colourful smart lights for your homes by Syska LED

November 4, 2016 / Innovation /


Everyone among us likes colours with some differentiation, some like pink, some like blue and so on. Colours affect your mood. Which means you might be able to alter your mood by changing the colures you see. In Diwali nights we decorate our homes with colourful lights which make us happier. But in our homes we can see only two colors might be Yellow or White. Or we can chage different colour. Imaging if it is possible to change your room lights daily.
Yes it is possible and convenient also, you don’t need to keep lots of bulbs from different colours. The easiest way to do that is with a colour-changing bulb. Pune based Syska offers a smart LED bulb that’ controlled over Bluetooth, via an Android or IOs app. Interesting J  Unlike some of the other, Syska’s bulb uses a B22 “bayonet” type base – this is the most common type of holder that Indian homes have, so it should easily fit into most of the lamps and fittings you already have without using any adapters.
As far as one of the basic specifications is that this bulb has consumption of 7 watts and using AC 220V input Voltage and produces about 480 lumens at its brightest setting. It has a 10 meter Bluetooth range and a lifespan of 25000 hours. There are a bunch of LEDs inside in the primary colours the bulb intelligently mixes those colours to create all the different colours of the rainbow. Officially by company it is advertise that 3 million colours combinations but that’s obviously not possible to distinguish by the common people, although we can differentiate between 25-30 unique colours in this bulb.
To handle this bulb and color you need to download android and IOS app. Once you pair the bulb over Bluetooth and download the app, you’ll be able to choose colours and set brightness. But there are many extras features into the app. You can set schedules, day night timings. Finally, there are a bunch of games built into the app: the bulb colour will change, corresponding to the colour of the object in the game. The game bit is mostly superfluous but the bulb itself works quite well.


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