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Kingston MobileLite wireless Pro storage and power flows

November 5, 2016 / Innovation /


What are the two things that a smartphone user can’t do without? More storage and a way to keep the power flowing. Kingston has found a way to combine the two with this new product. It it looks like a cross between a power bank and hard drive. It is heavy (194 grams) because it has a 6700mAh lithium-ion battery inside. There’s an Ethernet port, full-size USB, SD card slot, power button, indication LEDs and a micro USB port to charge it up.
There are two versions available for Kingston MobileLite wireless Pro: MobiieLite Wireless G3(RS4999) and the MobileLite wireless pro(RS 8999). The difference is, Pro has a larger battery and comes with 65 GB of built in flash storage while with the G3, you have to add your own via an SD card or USB flash drive.
Access Kingston MobileLite wireless Pro for USB Flash drives and SD cards wirelessly from smartphones and tablets to free up space, make backup copies of important photos, videos, contact and calendar entries and transfer files to a new phone or tablet without using a PC. Save by not paying monthly fees for cloud-based backup services. MLWG3 and MLW Pro have an SD card slot and a USB port and come with a microSD to SD card adapter. MLWG3 and MLW Pro work with Android, Amazon and iOS devices.
If you are interested in this innovative product, then you can directly purchase or view using this button.

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