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Portronics Power Note Power Bank

October 4, 2016 / ecommerce, Innovation /


Now a days, personal gadgets like smart phones, tables, ipads are getting popularity day by day, even a single hour can’t be spent without these essentials. No one can even image to live without these gadgets. So drainage of battery is the main key note of these gadgets. Every personals who is carrying smart phones have need of some kinds of power back-ups which keep them charge with their devices.

Today, there are lots of Power Bank available to justify this kind of situations. So we have carried information about a Power Bank which is very powerful, stylish, trendy and beautiful. This is full featured power bank from Portronics. Below are some of the keynote features of Portronics Power Note.

Portronics Power Bank comes with superb 16000 mAh capacity, this power bank allows users to charge their devices multiple times in a single charging capacity.

This power bank has capacity of quick charging itself with input 5V 2A capacity.

This Portronics Power Bank is considered and designed to be the slimmest 16000 mAh Power Bank in the market today.

This Portronics Power Bank can charge all 5V devices like smart phones, tablets as well as ipad also.

Some of the key features of this Power Bank are below in the image.6

You can purchase Portronics Power Bank from this store.

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