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Portronics Yogg-A fitness band

October 3, 2016 / ecommerce, Innovation /


Portronics-a company known for develop gadgets like Bluetooth devices, headphone, speakers, chargers and other electronic essentials gadgets. Portronics are market leaders in gadgets innovations, now Portronics came up with a fitness band with name as “Portronics Yogg”.

This is a device with powered features and easy to use. This Fitness band is new generation Smart wristband which can perform personal fitness and activity tracker for the masters. Portronics Yogg is full packed with lots of features. Portronics YOGG Smart wristband is 24*7 wearable devices that come in stylish black color with a wide OLED display Screen which is about 0.9inches. This small and vibrant screen will show off your daily stats, a watch as well as caller ID for your smartphones. It can be paired with mobile app which is good for beginners.

Portronics Yogg can track and monitor our daily activity, exercise levels, Sleep patterns and also provides alerts to help sustainable adjustment towards healthier lifestyle.


Portronics Yogg is very much comfortable to wear, this device is made with elastic material that can be worn on the wrist for days.

Yogg has a monitor which calculates and let us know how well we sleep and awake us up with a silent alarm.

This device, Portronics is compatible with iPhone as well as Android Phones but there is some limitation that it cannot be sync with Blackberry, windows as well as latest android versions (6.0).

Internet and Bluetooth is always requires to sync with this device. It has IPx4 standards for water resistant.


Battery life of this device is around 5 days and more.

You can sync your phones with this fitness band to get notifications directly in this device like Calls, Missed calls, SMS, E-mail, Social Media, Calendar event and Anti lost.

And at last this is a full packed featured fitness band which we should try in the budget price. We can visit this store to purchase this device.

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