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Why Online shopping is so important these days?

June 23, 2016 / ecommerce /



Once upon a time in the world where civilization was on rolling out to perform their best to get achieved what they best can have. Slowly and steadily they moved and get the new parameters in their life comfort. Trading criteria has been changed from the time span. Earlier trading was from camel now trading is from Internet. Earlier trading was from far distances but now trading is from doorstep. Earlier trading was from goods exchange now trading is from online fund exchange. These are the revolution we can see in the modern trading and business world.

Traders expend their business and customers become more comfortable to have those services. In current time online shopping is one of the most popular and used way for shopping. In India Online shopping is becoming famous day by day. No one wants to step out for anything they wants their belongings at the doorsteps. Online marketing is growing day by day from millions to billions. Today portals for each and everything is available from appeals to grocery, from pet foods to innerwear’s. Even portals for intimate products are also available in India.


In just one call or in just some finger press anyone can get their product at their doorsteps. Here in this article i will discuss advantages as well as disadvantages of online shopping. In below points you will see how online shopping is revolutionary for Indian buyers.

  1. Time saving: – The main and most popular benefit of online shopping is that it saves time. If we order products in morning then we can get those products most probably in late evening same day without stepping out from house or from office.
  2. Multiple Varieties: – In online shopping we can get varieties of products. In shops and outlets buyers has to be dependent on shopkeeper and their stocks, but in online shopping there is no limitation. In online shopping buyer can choose from lots of varieties.
  3. Price comparison: – In online shopping users has the advantages about the price comparison. There are comparison tools in each eCommerce website as well as there are lots of price comparison website where users compare products from multiple website.
  4. Unlimited Sales and offers: – Ecommerce websites arrange regular sales via different occasions to attract customers which are a key track to purchase desirable products by customers. You can also get deals and offers from com
  5. Independence to purchase product: – There are multiple products which came in intimate and shyness category which is not easy to deal with the shopkeepers to purchase with. But online users and choose freely their desirable products and get them at the doorsteps.

There are lots of other advantages, although there are multiple drawback or disadvantages also.

  1. Personal Feel:- From online marketing you will get the shortage of personal feeling of the particular products. Touch and feel is missing from online marketing.
  2. Instant satisfaction:- If you are purchasing products online it will delivered upto 2-3 days. Until then you have nothing to judge.
  3. Payment Forgery: – Online payment forgery is common these days, so people prefer even cash on delivery in this huge online market. Cash On Delivery has upto 50% market share in payment method.
  4. Untouched area: – there are lots of cities which is not serviceable even today by ecommerce companies. So they cannot purchase products online.

But apart from these disadvantages online market is growing rapidly in India and they are also sorting these bottlenecks. Today we have many portals like which provide offers and deals which is good to the customers that they can choose products in their budget. So try online shopping, it is good for everyone.


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