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World’s first Smart Shirt from Arrow

August 15, 2016 / Innovation /

8-15-2016 9-12-09 AM

Today technology is moving with a great pace, recently we have observed about the changes in our daily life through techno innovation. Moving towards the fiction things which used to see in James Bond movies is now existing slowly in our life. At Starting t-shirts and shirts were used to modified and electrified through some circuit which changes the color of the T-shirt, early it was very amusing but later the charming got dim.

But Now a great news is coming that World’s first Smart Shirt also invented. Yes, you heard it right. We have listened about Smartphones, Smart Televisions, Smart Watches and many Smart electric devices, But the concept of Worlds First Smart Shirt is new. This technology is introduced by a famous brand “Arrow” who has a strong market presence in Global as well as in Indian market. In some more time we will see the great competition in this segment and users will get new innovation in their appeals.

According to “Arrow” “The future of fashion is here: The Smart Shirt experience is one that you don’t want to miss! Meetings, days at the office and even social gatherings just got a whole lot more interesting with our new Smart Shirt. Now sharing your profiles or listening to your favorite music with friends and colleagues is just a tap away!” isn’t interesting?

Using this feature, you can do lots of things by just pairing your phone with your Smart Shirt, here are some highlights of the features:

  1. You can share your Social profile with someone by using your Smart Shirt.
  2. You can share your business card during important meetings with a client with your Smart Shirt.
  3. You can customize your meetings by choosing Silent, vibrate and auto response mode with your Smart shirt.
  4. You can activate home mode to stay connected and relaxed without any disturbance, with just a tap on your Smart Shirt.
  5. You can Activate work mode with low brightness, wifi and Bluetooth to save your battery life with your Smart Shirt.
  6. You can pair your Bluetooth speakers with your Smart Shirts.
  7. You can open your favorite app with your smart Shirt.
  8. You can listen and manage your favorite music with your Smart Shirt.

Wow Its amazing!!

This Smart Shirt is available in India and you can purchase this shirt online from Amazon, Now have a look at these shirts and try something interesting. Click below link or Image to move store !!

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